Blogging is the new tennis

2008-11-21 10:28:04 by DaveMan-CI

So like I went up to the bar and asked if I could get a pint of 64, then he said OH warm or cold? so I said... cold you faggot and he laughed and said, everyone says that.

I followed him home and killed his wife and kids, I made sure to leave them nice and warm for his sick pleasure.



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2008-11-21 13:53:28


DaveMan-CI responds:

Man, I just wanted to kill those dudes, with all my heart, I really did.


2008-11-21 14:51:46

Why the Rei?

DaveMan-CI responds:

Rei Ayanami is the best thing to happen since aids.


2008-11-21 16:38:46

So you got a boner for those new Evangelion films I take it?


DaveMan-CI responds:

Well, I know Shinji did atleast, that's all that matters.